Matilda Persson uses illustration, photography and collage to make some fantastic work, I absolutely love the feel in her pieces.

Persson is very inventive with her process, creating whimsical and engaging pieces. Her composition is always clever and spot on.

Do you listen to music while making your art, and which genres/artists?

Sometimes I do, sometimes I don´t. It depends on the mood I´m in.

Is any of your art inspired by any of the music that you listen to?

No, music does not inspire my art or if it does I’m not aware of it.

Is there one artist/piece/style that had a memorable impact on how you create?

There are so many artists that I get inspired by. Egon Schiele is one of them.

What does the best creative session involve for you? Any particular moods/settings/people/ or habits that help you get in the right mind set to create?

I often create when I´m restless or when I feel easy going. But there are always exceptions.

Do you procrastinate? Any particular work – evasion habits?

All the time.

I have selected a few to show you but you can view her full portfolio here :