Naomi Vona, “selling Lies” – Art & Interview

The 100 Day Project that I realised is called “Selling Lies”, and it’s based on switching fashion adverts into protest, humorous or personal messages. 

The 100 day project called selling lies is a beautiful mirroring of society and an anything but subtle way of calling out bullshit advertising, revisiting otherwise dull campaigns and self expressing. Read the Interview with Naomi and give her a follow on instagram to keep up with her work. Massive talent, very honoured to have her on join the platform. 

1. Do you listen to music while making your art, and which genres/artists?

I rarely listen to music while I am working. My mind is quite busy during the creation of my collages, so music could easily distract me. I have no particular fave genre in mind, but most of the music that I listen is alternative rock. 


2. Is any of your art inspired by any of the music that you listen to?

Most of my art is inspired by music. I like to quote lyrics into the titles of my pieces and for this projects, I incorporated song lyrics into the compositions too. 


3. Is there one artist / piece / style that had a memorable impact on how you create?

My style is a mix and match of dadaism, surrealism and pop art I believe. But someone could also see other influences. And they would be right! 


4. What does the best creative session involve for you? Any particular moods / settings / people / habits that help you get in the right mind set to create?

I have no particular habit or mood. I work with the flow and follow my instincts.

5. Do you procrastinate? Any particular work – evasion habits?

Sometimes. I’m an Associate Professor of Design at UNCSA in Winston-Salem, NC and I have a five-year-old daughter so most of the time I can’t procrastinate or the world would fall apart. The bigger problem I face is finding the time to make work. I tend to need a couple of hours to really start shooting something interesting so it can be hard to find the time that the work requires.