Isn’t from the moon, he just patrols it. Matt (@moon_patrol) is somebody I have insta-stalked forever – as have a lot of our friends. He is Followed by the likes of Bryce “The Sandman” Wong (@bbbrycewong) – another subject of insta-stalking and incredible talent. Pretty fucking impressive for “hobbyist”

Here is a selection of his work he was kind enough to send us accompanied by a short interview. Go check out his Instagram or his Website for prints.

Do you listen to music while making your art, and which genres/artists?

No. I usually have the tv and Sonos off, and just have the ambient noise around me as my soundtrack. I usually just listen to music when I’m at the gym and I need to ignore the fact that I’m exercising. 


Is any of your art inspired by any of the music that you listen to? 

Sometimes. Often quotes from books come up after I’ve made a piece, but music is something play afterwards as a palette cleanser. Music (and the tv, too) is just a distraction for me.

Is there one artist/piece/style that had a memorable impact on how you create?

No, I do find that I’m captivated by illustrations and the works of commercial illustrators more than “fine artists.” Illustrations usually come freighted with narratives, stories, which I like. But I like “art” art, too. I like it all. 

What does the best creative session involve for you? Any particular moods/settings/people/ or habits that help you get in the right mind set to create?I

I just sit down, open up Photoshop and Lightroom, then start putting images together. I stop when I feel like I can’t make the image any better and I’m satisfied with it. When I’m alone in the house is best, but that’s hard as I have a three-year-old daughter and also my mother-in-law lives with us, so the house is usually occupied. 

Do you procrastinate? Any particular work – evasion habits?

No. This is a hobby, not a job, so I actually have to insure that making art doesn’t get in the way of other aspects of my life. 

Go check out his Instagram or his Website for prints.