Often using people as the subject in his collages, Marcos Guinoza has somehow managed to make his surreal collagesfeel familiar putting us in between two worlds. His choice of colours is always spot on and the analogue feel creates a texture that makes you want to rub your screen. 

Below is a selection of Marcos’ work and some interview questions he was kind enough to answer for us. You can follow him on his instagram or pay him a visit in São Paulo, Brazil. Enjoy !

1. Do you listen to music while making your art, and which genres/artists?

Yes, I listen to music all the time. I basically breathe music — from all genres, but mostly rock and indie-rock. My ears switch from old to new artists, such as: The Beatles and The National; Beach Boys and Radiohead; Velvet Underground and Snow Patrol; Ramones and Pixies; The Doors and Nirvana.

2. Is any of your art inspired by any of the music that you listen to?

Most definitely. It occurs with some pieces but not in a direct way. It is an intuitive process, you know? It is as if the songs I am listening to while I think about my pieces would take me, without me noticing/realizing, through unknown roads. Sometimes it feels like an obsessive journey that takes me to a magic place. Sometimes I get amazed with the results of my pieces, it is as if I had fallen into Alice’s rabbit hole.

3. Is there one artist / piece / style that had a memorable impact on how you create?

It is difficult to name only one. My inspiration comes from many artists but I can name four artists that come to my mind more frequently: René Magritte, Salvador Dali, David Hockney and Edward Hopper. Those are geniuses. In my case, I am only a Latin American guy, not much money, no important or famous relatives. Basically, my existence on earth is to eat french fries.  

4. What does the best creative session involve for you? Any particular moods / settings / people / habits that help you get in the right mind set to create?

I don’t know about special moments. I believe the special can be at any time of the day. Sometimes, I am running errands and an idea comes up and then when I get back home, I start to work on that. Inspiration is something that knocks on your mind’s door without a warning. It is something that comes from an unknown place.

5. Do you procrastinate? Any particular work – evasion habits?

I don’t tend to run away from my work. I like what I do. I procrastinate, though, to get up off the bed in the morning — after all, sleeping is one of the best things in life. It is a kind of death. We go deep into the darkness of our subconscious. Is there something better than ‘dying’ and being able to return to life in the next morning?

As mentioned; you can check more of his stuff here on his instagram