I stumbled across Adam Riches on instagram – lucky me – and became completely entranced by his style. It seems to me every time I look at his work, albeit it the same work I have just seen, I experience something else. A new emotion from the same lines and a different line for the same emotions. 

Read our short interview with Adam below – check out the selection he was kind enough to send to us – and be sure to follow him on his instagram.

Do you listen to music while making your art, and which genres/artists?

Yes I do listen to music when I’m painting in the studio. I listen to all sorts of things really… The Smiths, The Clash, David Bowie, Nirvana, The Pogues and many more. 

Is any of your art inspired by any of the music that you listen to? 

I wouldn’t say that it’s inspired by any of it in particular, but I do think that the right music at the right time and inspire creativity and generate energy. 

Is there one artist/piece/style that had a memorable impact on how you create?

I think the Chinese artist Yan Pei Ming’s work has a profound impact on me. He makes huge monochromatic oil paintings, usually depicting war, death and political figures… I find them very inspiring. 

What does the best creative session involve for you? Any particular moods/settings/people/ or habits that help you get in the right mind set to create?

I find that surroundings are really important for my creative process. I think that I work best when I’m alone, although I do think it’s important to be in an environment, with other creative people. I think listening to music through earphones is a great way to block out the world and get lost in the process. 

Do you procrastinate? Any particular work – evasion habits?

Yes unfortunately I do procrastinate terribly… usually with Instagram and YouTube! But in my defence, I think that these can also be sources of inspiration and motivation. 

Can I ask how on earth you came about this style and are they all done as a single line?

I think this style evolved out of the idea for a sculpture. I wanted to make a human head from wire and made some drawings for this. The sculpture never got made, but I continued with the drawings. No they are not done with a single line.